• Jane Leigh

The Mechanic

Updated: Nov 1

September 9, 2021 - Short Story









Dirty, a little taboo, hook up, HFN story with an alpha male. This book contains strong language and sexual scenes that may cause trigger to some readers. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Briana has a car problem, a money problem, a man problem, hell, her whole life is a problem. But the most pressing problem is the car problem because without the car, she couldn’t get to work, and her other problems would get worse. When her not-so-trusty-rusty old car breaks down, she has no choice but to take it to the shop.

Johnny works hard to make ends meet and he’s proud of his mechanic shop and there’s nothing worse than a customer who doesn’t pay. But this customer happens to look like a very hungry man’s wet dream. He’s willing to shave a couple of dollars off her bill for a very delicious price.

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