Sweet Kind of Love

Updated: Apr 1

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Just in Time for Christmas

Juliet’s hot neighbor was finally home, and just in time for Christmas.

Kenneth had stayed away from his hot little neighbor until he had a better future to offer her. Now, he was finally home for good, and he’s done waiting around. He wanted Juliet and he plans to convince her that she wanted him too.

Darling, Kiss Me

Just because Phoebe Darling didn’t do Valentine’s Day or any of that other mushy stuff, it didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy a rough tumble with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome every now and then. She enjoyed calling the shots; it was fun and easy for both of them. That was until Nick McClain decided he wanted more. When her flight instincts kick in, will Nick be able to convince her they have something worth sticking around for?

Christmas with the Mechanic

What happens when two lonely souls meet on Christmas?

Kyle thought he’d be spending another Christmas alone until he found a distressed woman in his driveway. There was no way he could turn away from her.

Finding her fiancé in bed with his assistant was the last thing Elise expected for Christmas. What she thought was the worst Christmas ever, turns out to be the best when she meets the mechanic.

Set My Heart on Fire

Jasmine can set Aaron’s heart on fire with just a smile.

Aaron makes jasmine want to give love a chance.

They’re both love shy.

Sometimes it takes a scheming friend and misunderstood mother to push two people into admitting their feelings.

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