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Escaping the Mafia is not simple, especially when Isabella's father is known to chase enemies across state lines and obliterate them, so she has to be careful—and smart.

This Mafia princess comes up with a deadly plan. One million dollars to any organized crime syndicate who will help her with her six steps to freedom. The smell of easy money brings different crime syndicates to her side, and with their help, she destroys her own family. Nothing like a little revenge on the open road to happiness. For some extra fun stuff, check out the Mafiaso Gals website: www.mafiosagals.com

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Hello, Broken. 

Meet, Damaged. 

You two have a lot in common.

All I wanted was another Hannah. I never cared about the secret society, or the people here, or the money. I only pledged because of her. Because this was her life, and I wanted to be in it forever, but forever never came. 

So, I live in the past with the memories of the girl I loved. I chase her ghost until the bottom of every bottle and search for her embrace in every wrong girl. I drown out her voice with the beat of my drums and the roar of my bike, but it’s only temporary. When I am sober, the loss kills me. Until I meet her. Lexington. 

Whoever said opposites attract got the fundamental laws of attraction mixed up. I wasn’t supposed to fall for the equally messed up anonymous one-night stand, but she understands my pain, and she saves me from it. And from the Mafia.

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Murder. Betrayal. Revenge.

Murder. That was the life I knew best. Born into a crime family that fed on the weaknesses of others, in order to gain the power attained today. Power that led me to kill for my father. My mafia family. The mafia family that ended up putting two shots in my back.

Betrayal at it’s finest. Deception that brought me a better life. A life full of happiness with the love of my life. A life that was built on the foundation of lies. How could I possibly believe my new life wouldn’t crumble? The truth always finds it’s way out.

That truth would become my revenge. My ruthlessness has risen to protect the life I’ve built. The women I love. And the family I don’t deserve. Vengeance will be mine by taking the one thing my assailant wants to control the most. His daughter.

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Her life is controlled by rules she didn’t make yet follows just the same. 

Obedient. Specific. Precise.

Until me. Until I force her to break every rule keeping her from me.

She’s the first person to ever tell me no. 

Now I’m going to be the last person that she ever loves.

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No one messed with Logan Slade and lived to tell the tale. Joel Clarion thought he could get away with stealing from him. Now, Logan will turn the tables. He’ll take his money, his ability to make money, his woman, and when he’s lost it all, Logan will take his life.


Trapped in the life of violence, Mia will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter. If it means risking her life to help Logan Slade take down the bane of her existence, she’ll risk it all to give her daughter a chance at a better future.

Contains strong language, violence, and sexual content. Reader’s discretion is advised.

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I didn't ask for this life. It was handed to me. Like a gift, wrapped up with a blood red satin bow, it tempted me to pull the ribbon and peer inside the box.

The gift came with a price—an expensive one. And once the lid was off, my life began to change. I made promises. Decisions. Moves in the direction I thought I needed to go in order to fulfill my word.

Then she appeared, submerged in her own little world. Then, I made a new promise. I would keep her safe, except who was I to promise safety when I was the one destroying her world?

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Appointed his sister's handler, Luca's done nothing more than tread the fine line between dutiful son and loyal informant, but he's tired of being in a world where he doesn't belong, doing things he hates. Torture, blood lust, and power are the Cabralis' motto, but Luca wasn't made that way. The girl he loves, however, that's a different story.

Isabella may not be as twisted as Luca's sister, but she's smart, rich, and ruthless... Rebellious at heart, Isabella's wild spirit got her kicked out of boarding school. Forced to live with the father she despises and abide by his rules, Isabella is placed on house-arrest for her own safety. Years later, she decides marrying her father's right-hand man will ensure her freedom.

That is until she finds out everything was a lie. She was nothing more than a piece in her father's game. Now, she'll do anything to escape and find her way back to Luca, even if it means starting a war.

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